The Minute Men


The Minute Men

The First Fight: Myths and Realities of the American Revolution

John R. Galvin

History of War Series

292 pages


November 2006


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About the Book

The concept of the farmer and shopkeeper pulling rifles off pegs on the wall to fight the British has been the typical image of the American minuteman. The fact that he may have had military training and drilled—and that April 19, 1775 was not his first battle—usually goes unmentioned. Winner of the American Revolution Round Table Award, The Minute Men will be of keen interest to those curious about the true history of some of America’s first soldiers.


"A splendid book....If the true measure of a book is how it stands up over time, then this one is indeed a classic....Galvin has captured the human ingredients of the story, and he portrays them vividly."—Parameters

"Far more remarkable than fiction."—Portland Sun-Telegram

"A convincing reinterpretation both of the Minute Men and of the battle which enshrined them as pioneers of American patriotism."—Cullom Davis, Louisville Courier-Journal

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