The Pearl Harbor Myth


The Pearl Harbor Myth

Rethinking the Unthinkable

George Victor

370 pages


March 2008


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September 2011


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About the Book

Did U.S. intelligence know of Japan's coming attack on Pearl Harbor? Did President Roosevelt know? If so, why did he withhold warnings from the commanders in Hawaii? The answers are embedded in the cogent analysis of The Pearl Harbor Myth. Based on voluminous data that does not appear in other books on the topic, it discusses in detail Roosevelt's developing strategy-both military and diplomatic-and his secret alliances to save the world from Hitler. It contains a wealth of fresh material on secret diplomacy; on secret military strategy, planning, and intelligence; and on disguised combat operations that began six months before the Pearl Harbor attack.

Author Bio

George Victor is the author of Hitler: The Pathology of Evil (Brassey's, Inc., 1998), which Library Journal called "fascinating and extremely lucid" and Choice cited as "highly recommended." He lives in West Orange, New Jersey.


"Victor's book is long on evidence and data and will give even experts in the history of the Pearl Harbor disaster much to think about—and to rethink."—America in WWII

“A very informative addition to recent literature that reveals the consequences from mismanagement of intelligence information in Washington that permitted the attackers to achieve surprise. Dr. Victor provides unique information on President Roosevelt’s policy formulations and implementing actions against Japan that paralleled his many initiatives to enter the war against Hitler. Highly recommended.”—Vice Adm. David C. Richardson, USN (Ret.), former commander of the Sixth Fleet

“I came to this reading belonging to the skeptical school of thought regarding Washington’s alleged prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Yet after reading this book, I am moved, at the very least, to strongly reconsider my previous reflexive rejection of this thesis. The Pearl Harbor Myth succeeds in putting in an accessible form the more tangible aspects of the various conspiracy theories. Instead of dwelling on extremes of speculation, it contents itself with arranging and pointing out the more undisputable evidence in a global context. In this sense, it may set the framework for future Pearl Harbor debates.”—Anthony Tully, coauthor of Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway

"Well researched and gives a very clear picture of how and why the Pearl Harbor myth was created."—

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