Washington and Napoleon


Washington and Napoleon

Leadership in the Age of Revolution

Matthew J. Flynn and Stephen E. Griffin

272 pages


December 2011


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February 2012


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About the Book

George Washington became president of the newly formed United States just as the French Revolution erupted in 1789, a moment that would pave the way for Napoleon and his eventual empire. In this momentous year, the Americans consolidated the gains of their rebellion, and the French embarked upon a more radical transformation of their own. Though strikingly different, the American and French revolutions gave rise to Washington and Napoleon, two wildly popular generals who led new forces on battlefields across their respective territories.

Matthew J. Flynn and Stephen E. Griffin’s military analysis of these two men includes the political context of their lives. As a military equal of Napoleon, Washington posed just as great a threat to the life of the fledging American republic that Napoleon did to representative government in France. Both generals assumed their offices with a similar purpose in mind: transferring sovereignty from the people to an individual leader. Yet, Washington chose the republican path, while Napoleon sank into despotism.

Flynn and Griffin show how leadership is shaped by the society that governs it, thus highlighting the differences between Washington and Napoleon. The authors demonstrate that the two were equally ambitious and that each chose paths to power reflecting their turbulent political times. In this fascinating book, the characters of these two great generals, statesmen, and icons emerge to show the divergence of their towering geniuses.

Author Bio

Matthew J. Flynn is the author of First Strike: Preemptive War in Modern History (2008) and China Contested: Western Powers in East Asia (2006). He is an assistant professor at West Point.


"Flynn and Griffin have broken the historical silence. Their thought-provoking comparative study of Washington and Napoleon is a much needed contribution toward the study of these two colossal figures."—William O'Reilly, associate director, Centre for History and Economics, University of Cambridge

"Lively. . . Flynn and Griffin demonstrate why it is important to write about U.S. history in a global context.”—Foreign Affairs

"In Washington & Napoleon, Matthew Flynn and Stephen Griffin have written an excellent comparative analysis of two of history's most influential and fascinating characters. Their book is filled with thought-provoking insights into both men and their impact on history."—William Nester, author of The Revolutionary Years, 1775-1789

"A good and novel read based on a comparison of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte, something that has to the best of my knowledge never previously been attempted. There were, as the authors point out, many similarities between the two, but in the end what shines forth is one basic truth: that Washington was a great man and Bonaparte wasn't."—Prof. Charles J. Esdaile, University of Liverpool