Days of Decision


Days of Decision

Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Policy

Michael J. Nojeim and David P. Kilroy

336 pages


February 2011


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September 2011


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About the Book

Days of Decision spans a century of American foreign policymaking, from the Spanish- American War of 1898 to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Michael J. Nojeim and David P. Kilroy carefully examine twelve foreign-policy landmarks, each of which played a crucial role in shaping world history and led to profound changes in U.S. foreign policy. Devoting one chapter to each turning point, they place it in its proper historical context, explore its political consequences—primarily the debates and divisions that arose among policymakers—and discuss the aftermath, focusing on its lasting influence on world affairs and the conduct of American diplomacy and foreign affairs.This accessible, introductory text provides students of foreign policy and international relations a deeper understanding of these disciplines’ processes and of America’s place in the world.

Author Bio

Michael J. Nojeim is a program coordinator and associate professor of political science at Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. He has published articles on U.S. foreign policy, international relations, and nonviolent resistance. He is the author of Gandhi and King: The Power of Nonviolent Resistance (2004). He lives in Tomball, Texas.


“A valuable teaching tool for instructors and students, Days of Decision clearly outlines the domestic and international context of key events in the history of U.S. foreign policy while highlighting the often complex decision-making process among policy makers. Rather than presenting U.S. foreign policy through a narrow prism, the authors have selected twelve turning points that act as springboards for gaining a wide understanding of America's global engagement over the past century. The chapter on 9/11 and its aftermath is especially welcome.”—Daniel Weimer, assistant professor of history, Wheeling Jesuit University

Days of Decision is an excellent classroom tool that introduces students to twelve highly readable and interesting U.S. foreign policy cases. From a historical perspective, this book is valuable in and of itself, but Nojeim and Kilroy also demonstrate how to view history analytically by examining micro, macro, and contextual factors influencing the policy-making process. In the end, U.S. foreign policy is analyzed in a carefully crafted, accessible way that strengthens students’ knowledge of history and their ability to analyze it.”—Michael T. Snarr, professor of political science, Wilmington College, and co-editor of Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective