Haunted Victory


Haunted Victory

The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq

William Nester

176 pages


January 2012


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March 2011


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About the Book

Haunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq explores the dynamic trajectory of beliefs, actions, and their consequences in what will forever be debated as among the most controversial and costly operations in U.S. history in terms of security, power, wealth, and honor. While many others have written about the Iraq War, William Nester unveils the moral dilemmas that entangled the George W. Bush administration and the American public through each stage of planning, selling, fighting, and attempting to end the Iraq War.

Nester includes vivid revelations of the administration’s internal tugs-of-war over whether to invade Iraq and then how to fight the war. Nester pulls no punches and discloses who deserves credit for what went right and who deserves condemnation for what went wrong. In his engaging style, Nester has written a page-turner. General readers, students, and experts alike will eagerly welcome Haunted Victory for its concise and comprehensive analysis of the key facets of the Iraq War.

Author Bio

William Nester is a professor in the Department of Government and Politics at St. John's University in New York City. He is the award-winning author of thirty-seven books on multiple dimensions of international relations, American national security, military history, and the nature of power. His "George Rogers Clark: I Glory in War" won the Army Historical Foundation's best biography award for 2013. His "Titan: The Art of British Power in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon" won the New York Military Affairs Symposium's 2016 Arthur Goodzett Book Award.


"Haunted Victory is a compelling, horrifying, factual narrative of how the neoconservatives have done grievous harm to the United States by invading and destroying Iraq—a war based on lies and a political agenda based on delusions. The story would be unbelievable, but I lived it, and Haunted Victory documents how we were misled at every step. We will pay the price as a nation for decades to come.”—Glenn Carle, former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats, National Intelligence Council, and author of The Interrogator: An Education

"In Haunted Victory William Nester recounts the machinations used by the neoconservatives in the Bush administration to launch this unnecessary war and analyzes its impact on the hearts and minds of Americans and Arabs. Nester’s book is unique in carrying the continuing impact of the Iraq War into the Obama administration and in speculating on the future of Iraq. A thoroughly researched and smoothly written narrative, this book may well count as the last word on one of America’s worst foreign policy blunders."—Sarwar Kashmeri, fellow, Foreign Policy Association; senior fellow, Atlantic Council; and author of NATO 2.0: Reboot or Delete?