Business Behaving Well


Business Behaving Well

Social Responsibility, from Learning to Doing

Edited by Ron Elsdon

272 pages


January 2013


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March 2013


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About the Book

Social responsibility has become a goal for both employers and employees in the business community. But what does the term “social responsibility” mean, and what paths must businesses take to make a positive impact on society? Business Behaving Well provides a rationale and roadmap that will enable businesses to integrate social responsibility into their purpose and operations. Using real-world examples from a broad variety of industries, including health care and education, Ron Elsdon and his contributors describe how nonprofit and public sector entities can structure effective relationships with private firms for everyone’s benefit. Addressing strategic issues as well as practical implementation, Business Behaving Well is for anyone who is actively engaged in the business world, individuals working in the public and nonprofit sectors, and students and faculty who study the relationship between business and social issues. Business Behaving Well provides both the tools and structure to apply principles of business social responsibility while inspiring readers with enthusiasm and the confidence to take action.

Author Bio

RON ELSDON is a founder of Elsdon, Inc., Elsdon Organizational Renewal, and New Beginnings Career and College Guidance, specializing in providing career and workforce development for organizations and individuals. He is the author of Affiliation in the Workplace: Value Creation in the New Organization (Praeger, 2003) and the editor of Building Workforce Strength: Creating Value through Workforce and Career Development (Praeger, 2010). He holds a PhD from Cambridge University and lives in Danville, California.


"This book is an excellent compilation of thought leadership in the field of social responsibility. We have come to a point in history where human development necessitates that we listen to our inner voice of fairness and do the right thing for all stakeholders in fields of life we can influence. This book makes this clear and is a must read for our generation and generations to come."—Mark A. Finser, chair of the boards of RSF Social Finance and New Resource Bank

"I really appreciate the suggestion that we reinforce practices that create safe, secure, and supportive working environments that honor all. During this time of hardship in our economy, if we all started supporting policies that benefit our society broadly, we could help our country to become a better place to live."—Pat Demasters, director, Career Management Group, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

"In this time of deep, pervasive mistrust and disillusionment with many of our institutions, including business, this book addresses a topic that receives far too little attention—the nature and practice of social responsibility. Exploring the integration of social concern into a wide variety of settings, it demonstrates that there is always opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the common good—and that we will profit from doing so."—Patricia Snyder, PhD, RN, retired nurse executive, chair, Health Care for All—California, Contra Costa County

"Many organizations, including ours, are deep in dialogue on the corporate role as it relates to social responsibility for our customers, our associates, and our business partners. This book provides valuable information to help organizations make that connection."—Audrey Southard, senior vice president, human resources, Follett Higher Education Group

"Ron Elsdon and his contributors provide a framework for social responsibility and how it can be put into action. Many inspiring examples bring this topic to life while also demonstrating the need for more action to counter rising inequality in our society. This is a very approachable book."—Jurgen Auerbach, CEO, Pronatec AG, Switzerland

"Business Behaving Well clearly lays out why being socially responsible is good for business, and how transparency in communication and relationships with the community—stakeholders, not just shareholders—is also good for business."—David Knego, executive director, Curry Senior Center