Upstairs at the Roosevelts'


Upstairs at the Roosevelts'

Growing Up with Franklin and Eleanor

Curtis Roosevelt

240 pages
8 photographs

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July 2017


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July 2017


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July 2017


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About the Book

Curtis Roosevelt knew what it was like to live with a president. His grandfather was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From the time Curtis, with his sister, Eleanor, and recently divorced mother, Anna Roosevelt Dall, moved into his grandparents’ new home—the White House—Curtis played, learned, slept, ate, and lived in one of the most famous buildings in the world with one of its most famous residents.

Curtis Roosevelt offers anecdotes and revelations about the lives of the president and First Lady and the many colorful personalities in this presidential family. From Eleanor’s shocking role in the remarriage of Curtis’s mother to visits from naughty cousins and trips to the “Home Farm,” Upstairs at the Roosevelts’ provides an intimate perspective on the dynamics of one of America’s most famous families and those who visited, were friends, and sometimes even enemies.

Author Bio

Curtis Roosevelt (1930–2016) is the grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. He worked for eighteen years in the Secretariat of the United Nations. He is the author of Too Close to the Sun: Growing Up in the Shadow of My Grandparents, Franklin and Eleanor and consulted on numerous television productions, including the History Channel’s FDR: A Presidency Revealedand the documentary miniseries The Churchills.

Table of Contents

1. My Twelve Years in the White House    
2. Hyde Park, Our Family Home    
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt    
4. White House Pleasures of the Table    
5. FDR’s Cocktail Hour, the High Point of the Day    
6. Eleanor Roosevelt’s Book on Etiquette    
7. Security in and out of the White House    
8. Religion in Our Family    
9. Hostility of Eleanor Roosevelt toward Her Mother-in-Law    
10. Others in the White House Entourage    
11. The Chaste Eleanor Roosevelt    
12. “Hick,” My Grandmother’s Close Friend    
13. To Europe with My Grandmother    
14. Roosevelt as Commander in Chief    
15. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill    
16. The Effect of FDR’s Death on the Roosevelt Family    
17. My Mother, the President’s Daughter    

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