Baseball Research Journal (BRJ), Volume 41 #1


Baseball Research Journal (BRJ), Volume 41 #1

108 pages


April 2012


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About the Book

The Spring 2012 issue of the Baseball Research Journal features 17 articles, showcasing the best of baseball research in many disciplines, including game theory, statistical analysis, physiology and perception, history, and baseball records. The full table of contents:

Records, Numbers, and Analysis
Pitchers Dig the Long Ball (At Least When They Are Hitting)
by David Vincent
The Bible and the Apocrypha: Saved Runs and Fielding Shares
by Jon Bruschke
Hank Greenberg’s American League RBI Record
by Herm Krabbenhoft
Are Baseball Players Superior to Umpires in Discriminating Balls from Strikes?
by Christoph Kreinbucher
Breaking Balls with a Runner on Third: A Game Theoretical Analysis of Optimal Behavior
by William Spaniel

Major Leaguers and the Minors
Johnny Vander Meer’s Third No-Hitter
by Ernest J. Green
by Steve Ames
Pop Kelchner, Gentleman Jake, The Giant-Killer and the Kane Mountaineers
by Ed Rose

International Perspectives
Women’s Baseball at Home and Abroad
by Jennifer Ring
Global World Series, 1955–1957
by Bob Buege
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Baseball
by Frank Ardolino
Babe Ruth and Eiji Sawamura
by Robert K. Fitts

Big League Moments
1906 Cleveland Naps, Deadball Era Underachiever
by Rod Caborn and Dave Larson
One Trade, Three Teams, and Reversal of Fortune
by Sol Gittleman
Expos Get First Franchise No-Hitter Right Out of the Gate
by Norm King

Whatever Happened to the Triple Crown? Excerpt from the Runmakers
by Frederick E. Taylor
Book Review: The Most Famous Woman in Baseball by Bob Luke
reviewed by Mike Cook

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