Indians and Europe


Indians and Europe

An Interdisciplinary Collection of Essays

Edited by Christian F. Feest

643 pages
Illus., map


March 1999


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About the Book

North American Indians have fired the imaginations of Europeans for the past five hundred years. The Native populations of North America have served a variety of European cultural and emotional needs, ranging from noble savage role models for Old World civilization to a more sympathetic portrayal as subjugated victims of American imperialism.
This comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of essays offers the first in-depth, extended look at the complicated, changing relationship between European and Native peoples. The contributors explore three aspects of this relationship: Why and how did the cultures and histories of Europeans enable Native peoples to become absorbed into the reality of the Old World? What happened in actual encounters between American Indian visitors and their European hosts? How did continued and increased interaction between Indians and Europeans affect established imagery and preconceptions on both sides?

Author Bio

Christian Feest is the editor of European Review of Native American Studies and is currently a professor at the Institut für Historische Ethnologie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität. His books include Peoples of the Twilight: European Views on Native Minnesota, 1823–1862.


"A valuable and welcome collection of carefully edited essays that offer a wealth of detail, raise serious questions as to the nature of indigenous realities, and highlight the confrontation of the Western mind with the prey of its colonizing conquests."—American Indian Culture and Research Journal