Winter's Child


Winter's Child

Dea Trier Mørch
Translated by Joan Tate
Afterword by Verne Moberg

271 pages


November 1987


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About the Book

Dea Trier Morch depicts with uncommon skill an experienec that pays no attention to language differences or national boundaries: childbirth. Set in a maternity ward for difficult cases, her novel is unique in focusing on the weeks immediately before and after delivery. While December gives way to the new year the women enocunter the private anxieties and mysteries of motherhood, sharing a profound sense of solidarity and warmth in the midst of winter.Joan Tate's superb translation of the European best-seller introduces Dea Trier Morch to American readers. Morch, the author of five other books and the mother of three children, has illustrated her novel with striking block prints.

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