Kentucky Politics and Government


Kentucky Politics and Government

Do We Stand United?

Penny M. Miller

Politics and Governments of the American States Series

469 pages


January 1994


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About the Book

Penny M. Miller takes a comprehensive approach to Kentucky politics and government. She uses the details of the state's political institutions and processes, its policy issues, and its place in national politics to demonstrate the tension between Kentucky's forces of change and its inertia. Since the Civil War, geographic, economic, and cultural factional divisions have dominated the struggle for progress in the Bluegrass state.

Yet Kentucky is in a state of change, and its political institutions have undergone significant transformations in the last few decades. Miller points out that the state's judicial system, long one of the nation's least-altered, has recently become one of its most innovative; the educational system has undergone radical legislative reformation, trying to escape its near last-place national ranking. The legislative branch has gained more independence and autonomy, and its relationship to the executive branch has experienced an enormous readjustment. The state has emerged from its past stereotypes of bourbon, fast horses, burley tobacco, and coal mines. Some things endure, though—political corruption, voter apathy, and an aged constitution. This book, the only comprehensive study of politics and government in Kentucky, illuminates contemporary problems within their historical context and suggests how the state's institutions, policies, politics, and people will formulate the future of Kentucky.

Author Bio

Penny M. Miller is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Kentucky, chair of the Kentucky Commission on Women, and a member of the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. Among her publications are Political Parties and Primaries in Kentucky and The Kentucky Legislature: Two Decades of Change, both coauthored with Malcolm E. Jewell. She has been involved in state and local political campaigns for many years.

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