American Indian Material Culture


American Indian Material Culture

The Ten Kate Collection, 1882-1888

Pieter Hovens
With contributions by Duane Anderson, Ted Brasser, Laura van Broekhoven, Alan Ferg, Ruth B. Phillips, Marian E. Rodee, and David R. Wilcox

282 pages
365 color illustrations, 30 b&w illustrations, bibliographies, index


July 2010


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About the Book

During two years of fieldwork in the American West in the 1880s, the Dutch anthropologist Hermann ten Kate (1858–1931) assembled a sizable collection of Native American artifacts. These pieces, ranging from utilitarian tools to exquisite works of art, are important especially because of their well-documented collection history and early date of acquisition. Some of the objects—the vast majority of which are today housed in the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden—represent the oldest preserved specimens of their kind. This catalog presents the complete collection and places the artifacts in their cultural and historical context by drawing on Ten Kate’s own travel diaries and anthropological studies spanning more than a century of research, as well as Native American oral traditions.

Author Bio

Pieter Hovens is curator of the North American Department at the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, the Netherlands. His publications include studies on Hermann ten Kate’s life and work, Native American material culture, Indian-white relations, and gypsy studies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Collecting Native America: Herman Ten Kate, Anthropology, and Fieldwork in the American West
2. The Northeast: Indians of the Great Lakes and Woodlands
3. Western Arizona: The River and Upland Yumans
4. The Southern Great Basin
5. The O’odam: Papago and Pima
6. The Apache
7. The Pueblo Peoples
8. The Hopi: People of the Mesas
9. The Navajo: Shepherds and Weavers of the Colorado Plateau
10. The Zuni
11. Equestrian Warriors: Indians of the Plains
12. Indian Territory: Civilized and Wild Tribes
13. Mexico
14. Archaeology

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