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Valentines, Valentines, 0803217706, 0-8032-1770-6, 978-0-8032-1770-6, 9780803217706, Ted Kooser With an introduction by the poet Illustrated by Robert Hanna , , Valentines, 0803218583, 0-8032-1858-3, 978-0-8032-1858-1, 9780803218581, Ted Kooser With an introduction by the poet Illustrated by Robert Hanna , , Valentines, 0803274831, 0-8032-7483-1, 978-0-8032-7483-9, 9780803274839, Ted Kooser With an introduction by the poet Illustrated by Robert Hanna , , Valentines, 080327484X, 0-8032-

Ted Kooser
With an introduction by the poet
Illustrated by Robert Hanna

2008. 60 pp.
29 drawings
$14.95 t

For Valentine’s Day 1986, Ted Kooser wrote “Pocket Poem” and sent the tender, thoughtful composition to fifty women friends, starting an annual tradition that would persist for the next twenty-one years. Printed on postcards, the poems were mailed to a list of recipients that eventually grew to more than 2,500 women all over the United States. Valentines collects Kooser’s twenty-two years of Valentine’s Day poems, complemented with illustrations by Robert Hanna and a new poem appearing for the first time.
Kooser’s valentine poems encompass all the facets of the holiday: the traditional hearts and candy, the brilliance and purity of love, the quiet beauty of friendship, and the bittersweetness of longing. Some of the poems use the word valentine, others do not, but there is never any doubt as to the purpose of Kooser’s creations.

Ted Kooser, Presidential Professor of the University of Nebraska, is former U.S. poet laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. In addition to his many volumes of poetry, he is the author of The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets and coauthor (with Steve Cox) of Writing Brave and Free: Encouraging Words for People Who Want to Start Writing, both available in Bison Books editions.
Robert Hanna is a retired architect who spends his time painting, illustrating, and teaching art workshops throughout the Great Plains region.

“Each poem is a unique snapshot of love. The poet says it best himself: ‘all my life, I have wanted nothing so much as the love of women.’”—Publishers Weekly

“Because Kooser is a master of such unpretentious scene-painting, these are poems of rich, Wordsworthian common feeling. . . . They’ve nearly all appeared in Kooser’s previous collections, but especially as accompanied by Robert Hanna’s drawings . . . they’ve never seemed more like godsends—or valentines!”—Booklist

“The writing in this book is classic Kooser: simple images, down-to-earth language, insight, and uncommonly good sense, all of which combine to produce memorable, resonant endings. . . . The artwork, like the verse, is inviting, warm, and unpretentious.”—Elizabeth Lund, Christian Science Monitor

“Over 22 years, Kooser has discovered a startling variety of ways to invert and enliven the vocabulary of romance, finding tender implications in even the mustiest Valentine’s symbols. . . . When it comes to his beloved(s), Kooser has generous eyes, offering always to keep her young. . . . Kooser’s poems do build a frisson, making the most of small moments of intimacy.”—Emily Nussbaum, New York Times Book Review

“Forget about any Valentine you’ve seen in a grocery store aisle. These poems—touching, funny, ironic, and with the startling and always-fresh use of metaphor for which Kooser is known—are something else entirely.”— Nebraska Life

“People who weren’t fortunate enough to make it onto Kooser’s Valentine’s list—which included such recipients as the novelist Louise Erdrich and the actress Debra Winter—do not have to sit home alone with an empty Valentine shoebox any longer. Ted Kooser’s Valentines will fill any shoebox to the brim with romance and wry insight.”—

Winner of the Midwest Bookseller's Choice Award - Poetry Category, sponsored by the Midwest Bookseller's Association

2009 Association of American University Presses Annual, Juried Book, Jacket, and Journal Show,  jackets and covers category


Publication of this book was made possible through grants provided by the Offices of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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