More Stories from Langley


More Stories from Langley

Another Glimpse inside the CIA

Edited and with an introduction by Edward Mickolus

360 pages


September 2020


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September 2020


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September 2020


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About the Book

Who knew the CIA needed librarians? More Stories from Langley reveals the lesser-known operations of one of the most mysterious government agencies in the United States. Edward Mickolus is back with more stories to answer the question, “What does a career in the CIA look like?” Advice and anecdotes from both current and former CIA officers provide a look at the side of intelligence operations that is often left out of the movies. What was it like working for the CIA during 9/11? Do only spies get to travel? More Stories from Langley has physicists getting recruited to “the agency” during the Cold War, foreign-language majors getting lucky chances, and quests to “learn by living” turning into sweaty-palmed calls to the U.S. embassy after being detained by Russian intelligence officers.

The world only needs so many suave super spies. More Stories from Langley shows how important academics, retired soldiers, and bilingual nannies can be in preserving the security of our nation.

Author Bio

Edward Mickolus is the founder and president of Vinyard Software, Inc., and formerly served in analytical, operational, and management positions at the Central Intelligence Agency for thirty-three years. He is the author or editor of thirty-eight books, including Stories from Langley: A Glimpse inside the CIA (Potomac Books, 2014), The Terrorist List, and The Secret Book of CIA Humor.

Table of Contents

Part 1. The Directorate of Intelligence
1. Do Your Brother a Favor: Apply to the CIA
Elizabeth Arens
2. Reflections from an Analytical Change Agent: Twenty-Seven Years and Counting
A currently serving DA officer
3. What’s a Librarian Do at the CIA? 
Peggy Tuten
4. More of What a Librarian Does at the CIA
Kim Condas
5. Getting to Do What I Was Meant to Do
Robert Kresge
6. We’re Not in Kansas—er, Missouri—Anymore! 
Mary O’Sullivan
7. My Thirty Years in Scientific and Weapons Intelligence at the CIA
Julian Nall
8. The Pathway of a Life Unnoticed
Michael Douglas Smith
9. The DI Toolkit—Don’t Leave Home without It
Janet M. Stiegler
Part 2. Directorate of Operations Tales
10. A Nightmare Come True
Elinor Houghton Kelly
11. How Hoosier Basketball and Spying Came Together in Moscow during the Cold War
Gene Arthur Coyle
12. How Intelligence Saved the Pope
Terrence L. Williams
13. Flirting with the Directorate of Intelligence: A Directorate of Operations Officer’s Short Story
Bob Phillipson
14. Soldier, Sailor, Artist, Spy
Chip Beck
15. Terminating an Asset
Doug Patteson
Part 3. Cross-Directorate Careers
16. The Rocky but Interesting Road of Intelligence-Policy Relations
Paul R. Pillar
17. Cement, Speeches, Terrorism, and Stray Cats
Susan Hasler
18. Rock Star or CIA Officer
Kathy Thomas
19. An Accidental Career of Consequence
Jeff J. Johnson
20. Developing a Better Understanding of the Personal Dimensions of Working at the CIA
Hector J. Escobar III
21. Beginnings
Lester Paldy
Part 4. The Directorate of Support
22. My Career as a CIA Logistics Professional, 1986–2013
James R. Pasqualini
23. Black Programs and Services
Robert M. Blansfield
Part 5. Remembering Our Fallen Colleagues
24. The CIA Book of Honor
Doug Patteson
25. Camp Chapman
Doug Patteson
Part 6. Getting Ready for the Future
26. Prince and the Revolution: The Reengineering of Open-Source Intelligence Collection
Doug Naquin
27. Bell Ringers!
Elinor Houghton Kelly
28. Ode to New CIA Retirees
Ed Mickolus
Writing Life after the CIA: Books by CIA Alumni

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